Teanna Trump arrested for Twittering During Traffic Stop

Teanna Trump is an adorable adult model and is only 26 years of age. Her name and face are synonymous with plenty of scandal and controversy. She has been married to her current husband for 14 years and was the hostess of The Spice Girl’s very popular reality show, The X Factor. She also has a large following on Twitter having more than 1m followers and many of them found amusement in her charming yet risque online display. She has made her fair share of controversial statements over the years. Some of these have included comparing her then husband to former First Lady Hillary Clinton and comparing her mother with former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Recently, though, she has deleted several tweets that contained offensive and inappropriate comments about her former co-host and friend, Tweetie. When confronted by a follower who reported her to Twitter, teanna trump promptly deleted the offending tweet and replaced it with a personal message claiming „tweetie deserved it.“ It seems that she still may have some trouble keeping her social media accounts open as she recently deleted another tweet which contained the n-word. It is unclear what the word was or how she used it as she seemingly deleted the entire post without save buttons or any option to save the post. Another tweet she posted shortly afterward read „don’t worry, I deleted that one too.“

Her use of the word „hoe“ is the latest in a string of controversial tweets that have earned her both the ire and respect of her thousands of followers. When asked by a follower what she would have to say if she were in the situation where her famous mother was arrested for marijuana possession, tenant trump replied by saying „Hoe? Hoes?“ She then shared her thoughts on the subject with her nearly two thousand followers, stating „Hoes? I don’t have any friends anymore because of marijuana possession.

On another tweet, she wrote „I’m not proud or happy about my real name but hey, it’s just me, I guess my name is too hard to change anyways. I guess I’m just Tana.“ Just days before her tweet about Tana, she had tweeted that she was leaving Twitter because she felt she needed to „give the world a break from Tana.“ Just like many other celebrities who have used the n-word in their Tweets, teanna decided that she too needed a break from her „hard name.“ The fact that she felt she could no longer call herself by her real name is not the problem, however; the fact that she used that name repeatedly when talking about her marijuana addiction and Tweetie’s arrest is the real problem.

In addition to her use of the „hoe“ word, teanna seemed to confuse the difference between legal marijuana and illegal drug use, tweeting „Good morning, wut [the word she used while pleading guilty] a blazed blunt? Blazed blunt (blazing?) or smoked blunt (smoking bud?) Also, when asked if she would like to step into a gay porn movie, she responded „Nah“ before she corrected herself saying that she is not gay, but a porn star nonetheless.

Although it may seem as if she is trying to distance herself from her use of the „blaze,“ the reality is that she will probably continue to use the word „blaze“ to describe her involvement with marijuana and will likely even more heavily promote her own online porn video business. If you have taken the time to read some of teanna’s tweets since her Tweetie arrest, you will notice that she seems to be always referring to herself as a „porn star.“ While her lawyers claim that she is not guilty of the crimes she was arrested for, the fact is that she will be using the word „porn star“ to describe herself over again.