Teagan Preston

Teagan Presley (also known as Ashley Ann Erickson [1] on July 24, 1984) is an American adult performer who has made a name for herself in the adult film industry. She has appeared in films such as Dog the Bounty Hunter (with Charles Bronson), The Girls Next Door (with Scott Weiland), and Bigger Weddings (with Mike Webber). She is best known for her role as Candice Bergen in the pornographic movie Bigger Weddings. She has also been nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the adult film Bigger Weddings. Teagan is well-known within the adult entertainment community as someone friendly and helpful with many of her fans.

Recently, however, Teagan has gained much popularity in the adult entertainment world as a celebrity, dating game model, and best feature dancer. She has also recently released a cookbook and meal replacement guide for those who are low on the vitamins when it comes to eating healthy and staying in shape. This makes her one of the most popular female performers in the industry today.

Teagan became interested in performing pornography by accident. While she was attending college at the University of Southern California, she fell asleep in class and saw one of her professors perform oral sex on a student. In her dream she saw her roommate performing the same act on another woman. After this dream, she began writing about it in her dorm room. She would later describe her feelings of discomfort and confusion during these sexual encounters in her book, Inside Out.

As her dreams grew more vivid, she decided to turn this memory into a reality with her own sex scene performance art. She spent a large portion of the summer perfecting her act before filming her first scene for an online adult entertainment company. The result is a video that has become one of the most viewed videos in the internet’s history. Teagan’s seedy character, Candice Swan, is one of the sexiest women to ever grace the screen.

Teagan received numerous other awards throughout her career, including a 2020 AVN award for Best Female performer. The award was given out by the adult video company owners and producers themselves. It is rare that performers win an award from a company solely dedicated to pornography. Some of the other performers, she has worked with include Anna Nicole (who used to perform with her then-husband Dennis Wolfberg), and Kaya Scodelario. Kaya is also extremely popular among other AV performers. It is entirely possible that the reasons for the AVN award being given to Teagan Presley were intended to coincide with her winning the 2020 XRisco award for female performer of the year.

Teagan is also known for her role as Gloria Pickens in the popular TV series „Scrubs“. This television series became wildly successful due to the fact that it featured a well-written, intelligent lead character, and Teagan’s ability to perform among the finest. Many teenage girls aspire to be like Gloria while growing up watching this TV series.