50 Ways to Make Your Woman Laugh at Your Small Penis Humiliation

With all the hundreds of ways in which a Mistress can humiliate and embarrass her male slave, perhaps none is more humiliating or more painful than small penis humiliation during sex. All men love their cocks so much and believe them self, above all things, they are at their very best possession. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to see why the Master and slave relationship can quickly break down when one side becomes unkind or cold, which is why it is important for men to accept their small penises and learn to tolerate them, rather than let them hurt them and cause them great pain. No matter what position you assume, whether sitting, kneeling, lying down or on top, it’s important to make sure that your penis is not being stimulated during sex. If it is, you should learn how to masturbate without your partner knowing or even better learn how to masturbate with your partner while she is aware of what you are doing.

If you are a male who enjoys wearing sissy panties then it can be particularly helpful during masturbation. They provide you with a barrier from your penis, which allows you to concentrate on pleasing your girl. There are two different types of sissy panties: the common Revealing Panty, which show your penis; and the tight fitting Soft Leather Toy. The former conceals your manhood; the latter provides a great sensation around the penis, especially if your partner is a good wrestler. You can also wear baby doll thongs and g-strings as well if you prefer.

Another method for ensuring you have no small penis humiliation during intercourse is to turn your head away from your mistress when she is talking dirty to you. As you might know, most men find it incredibly difficult to ignore the visual stimulation that comes when their girlfriends or wives talk about sex. If you want to ensure your pleasure is undivided, it is best not to ignore the comments your partner throws at you. Try to make a point of turning your head when they begin to make comments about masturbation, lovemaking or their own orgasm.

This will leave your mistress with no choice but to laugh at your expense. When you are in bed, remember to keep eye contact with your partner so you look as confident as possible. When you are in the shower, smile broadly so that your laughing will not escape your mouth. Your real man would love it; therefore, you should do everything in your power to make him laugh in your face whenever you are engaged in sex.

One of the best ways of making your mistress laugh in your face when you are having sex is to direct insults at her during oral sex. Mocking your mistress is an excellent way of telling her that you would love it, however, you do not want to overdo it, as she would feel hurt. The following are some of the best insults to use when you are engaged in sex: „I could barely keep myself from shoving my hand down your throat“ or „I could barely keep myself from gag reflexing“. The above are two good examples of how you can use small penis humiliation to your advantage.

When you are not engaging in any sexual act, make sure you keep your eyes shut so that your mistress does not notice you are trying to make her laugh. Also, when your partner begins to make fun of you or insults you, simply return them with „that’s just silly, and stop it right now“. Do not be ashamed about telling your mistress that you are hurting because you are small. Most men who are small penis humiliation can take care of themselves in bed and many times their partners do not even notice. Use these 50 ways of small penis humiliation to your advantage and watch your woman drive you absolutely crazy!