Sarina Valentina Teaches Her Fans How to Get Orgasm on Demand

Sarina Valentina is a Porn Star from Russia. She was born on 4th October, 1985. She is well known for her large chest, sweet face, and extremely sexy body. She has appeared in many adult films and magazines as well as doing live stage shows in different Russian cities. Her favorite films are CD’s of hers called Goddesses. Some of them have some excellent sequences.

Here is a sample of one of those shows she did in Moscow:“ Nixon vs. The Bear“. The very first scene shows her stripping down to her skimpy little bikinis then exposing her beautiful white skin and perfect butt. She then proceeds to ask the audience for access time. After she gets access time she licks each butt with passion and goes on to suck their cocks as they are being pumped. As the show ends, she is caressed and enjoys lots of kissing before we cut to the next girl who is the one that gets to perform oral sex on her boyfriend.

The next scene shows her performing with her partner in a doggy style position then using both her thumbs to stimulate her clitoris. She then uses her two fingers to stimulate her vagina. In the background we can hear her friend talking about something she has noticed about her. We then see her licking another woman’s vagina which is extremely erotic. We then resume our exploration of Sarina Valentina’s exotic love rooms as she performs several sex acts on her man.

This show is full of excitement as both women enjoy the various types of sex acts. After some minutes of great sex, she asks us to leave some time for them to clean up. Both women get out of the costumes and she climbs on me for a make-out session that I will be really grateful for. After she climbs off me she proceeds to take a big dump on my man’s crotch. After that she gets back to her sexy costume while I am left standing there with my legs open trying to catch her breath.

After the make-out session she goes to change into her sexy nurse outfit then starts to undress me. She then gets on top of me and performs a number of sex acts on me including thumb_up, doggy, kiss, back to her breasts and many others. She then decides that she is ready to climax and does so by licking me all over. All of us are then amazed at how she managed to climax without coming right to our noses.

Overall, this was a great scene. It is a well-shot movie with excellent acting and well synchronized images. There is no fight scenes, so it will not be easy to get cleaned up from this one. But if you want to see a super-sexual scene like this then you will definitely have to check out Valentina’s new film „Viva Nudes“. You will not be disappointed.