Pleasuring Women – From Giving Her Multiple Orgasms to Staying Hard Will Be Easy

Recently, someone had bought a copy of „Sally Darling: A Woman’s Guide to Pleasuring Men“ by Sally D Angelo. I’ve read Sally’s books in the past and while she is no stranger to being a passionate lover, this book felt a little out of place for me. I personally feel that you need to be in tune with yourself while you are having sexual intercourse in order to become a good lover. In other words, you need to learn what turns you on before trying to pleasure another person.

In this book, Sally D. recommends a number of sex positions for men to try. It seems to me, and to others I have discussed this with, that she would have had better luck calling up her friends and telling them what works for her, and what doesn’t. However, the fact that she decided to write this book based on the „how to’s“ for women in the streets does make it more of a self-help manual than a woman’s guide to pleasure. Nonetheless, her instructions are very good and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about themselves.

The information in this book has been used and referenced by thousands of women before. Many times the advice is even better than that found in personal ads and on websites dedicated to loving relationships. The advice in this book is very practical and down to earth. It does not put women in a superior position to men or tell them that they are somehow less qualified than their boyfriend’s or husband. In fact, the author makes it clear that she believes women deserve as much enjoyment as men and that the two sexes can have satisfying and enjoyable sex even when there is some pain involved. With that said, her message is that she believes everyone has the potential to be a better lover and partner than they are right now.

The advice in this book is simple but effective. When it comes to foreplay, you will find that Angelo is very clear that women need to slow down and relax during sex. She also makes it clear that women should not try to force sex when they are not ready to do so. In fact, many men report that when they are prepared for sex, they find that they are able to have better erections and experience greater sensations. They also report that women are much more willing to accept the sexual pressure that is placed upon them.

Another important aspect of this book is to be open and honest with your partner. Men are expected to be strong and self-confident in their sexuality, but women are encouraged to be open and honest with their partners as well. This book would be of no use if men were only told of the right way to perform oral sex on women, but rather received no instruction at all. There are tons of tips that make it easy for men to make love to their partners, but women need to know what they can do in order to please their man as well.

The author succeeds in providing men and women with a very useful guide. Men who want to learn how to give women mind-blowing orgasms every night will no doubt enjoy reading this book. However, women who are looking for a simple guide to help them pleasure their partners should not read this book. It is very helpful, but it is not a must-read book. It is meant to be a fun, light reading affair that anyone interested in learning about love and sexual positions and techniques can enjoy.