The Big Bad DVD Review!

In case you haven’t heard of The Big Bad, it’s the newest DVD by the talented Christian pornographic actor Riley Reed. It’s his second film of his adult film franchise. In The Big Bad, Reed plays Christian Grey, a man whose life is thrown into chaos when he falls for another man, despite his best intentions. What makes this DVD so interesting is that it explores some taboo subjects in today’s culture that aren’t usually shown on mainstream television.

What’s New With the R-Word? Christian Grey had already made quite a few adult films with his wife Kaylee. What makes The Big Bad so intriguing is that it gives us a glimpse into the life of a Christian couple who already has very real, sexual problems. So it’s no surprise that the story turns out to be about Christian’s struggle with his pornography addiction. But don’t worry, he isn’t the only porn star making the rounds this time around. Celebrity hubby Jacob Lofland was also recently seen in a porn movie, so you have plenty of options when it comes to male porn stars.

Why The R-Word? Well, because the internet has made the public a lot more desensitized to things they wouldn’t normally think about. If you go to any site and search „porn gifs“, you’ll come up with literally millions of results, ranging from thong lingerie to stiff hooters and back. That’s enough to make anyone uneasy, which is why this DVD is being pushed by Christian websites in order to give the general public a taste of what their website has to offer.

What exactly does The Big Bad have to offer aside from a taste of porn? It might not sound like much, but this DVD contains a lot of „wow“ moments, including the surprising finish of the scene where Jacob and Riley Reid have some sort of pillow fight on the couch, complete with some heavy petting! This scene alone might be worth the price of admission on this DVD. Other scenes include anal sex that are hot enough to get anyone waxing, and some touching of female breasts that should please any female viewer.

The Big Bad also contains bonus material that isn’t found on other porn DVDs. For example, when Jacob and Riley are watching television, they talk about how boring sports usually are. This prompted the creation of a fantasy football league, which the two of them now manage as the head coach and the quarterback, respectively. When the league started, there were only six players, but now there are over fifty. There’s even an annual fantasy draft, in which the fans pick the players they think will go the highest in the draft. This DVD also includes behind the scenes footage of all of the league’s championship games, and it’s guaranteed to make any fan of porn movie night really excited!

Overall, this is a great collection to add to your porn collection. If you like watching porn but don’t want to get too graphic, this collection will definitely do the trick! The Big Bad DVD comes out on May 13th, so mark your calendar and get ready for some non-stop fun. Now, what are you waiting for?