How to cum in Mouth Completely!

The Cum in Mouth (CMM) Blow Job is an extremely special kind of manly oral stimulation position that entails a lady sucking a guy’s penis whilst he shoots out semen into her hungry mouth. It has its origins in the first years of the World Wide Web and was created by German porn star Reinhold Voll, whose real name is Reinhold Traut. Many people refer to it as „Voll’s Chocolate“. A lot of men are trying it now.

You do not need to be a specialist in this area to carry out a CMM Blow Job. You can easily do it by yourself without any special training or skills. However, if you have experience in the matter, you can add more dimensions by adding your own special touches to the style. A really good German amateur blowjob video compilation should show you how to use the manhood in the most suitable way.

A first time visitor to a CMM site will find it hard to decide what to do in the actual videos. In addition to the G Spot, some men like to stimulate their penises using their tongues. If you are new to this sort of thing, you will probably prefer to try a CMM blow job without tongue action. This is possible, but if you are new to this style, I would advise you to start with a free tutorial first, before you go for the real thing. You may also look for other tutorials on the internet to get some tips from, especially since this style of masturbation is slightly different to normal male masturbation in many ways.

The first step in trying a CMM Blow Job is to upload your own amateur video to a site like tube or you tube, and get feedback from other men who have tried the same technique. If you cannot find any feedback on a particular video, you should not hesitate to make a video yourself, and post it on a popular adult website where you know there will lots of men who are willing to post their amateur videos for others to see. If you are lucky, you will be able to find a few men to help you make your first video together. If you are not, and your friends are too busy to help, you will need to find a good German squirting compilation video site. Make sure that you search for cum in the mouth, and not cums in anus or butt. Some good sites are German sex toys exchange and G-spotexchange.

After you have your German squirting video uploaded, you will need to decide whether you want to spend money to download the video and have it sent to your boyfriend or to save it to your hard drive and then watch it at your leisure. It is better to save a CMM blow up model because you can use them over again if you ever want to change the mood of your partner. Most men will agree that it is much more fun to watch a girl squirting than it is to hear her gagging. You should also be careful with how far you go in giving her hints that she is close to climax. If you hint that it will end with her cumming, she may be so turned on that she does not know what to do with herself other than shooting you a bit of CMM. Spend some time watching her play with herself, and you should soon be able to tell when she is about to cum.

If your girlfriend is still a little wary after you have given her CMM and watched her blowing her load, you should try a different approach. Make her squirm in anticipation for you. This might be easier said than done, but it is also the most embarrassing thing you will ever do to your German girlfriend. There are a few ways to make her squirm, such as rubbing her clitoris with your finger, pressing her g-spot with your finger, or using a vibrator. You should record yourself performing these techniques with your girlfriend and watch it over again, until she is ready for you to perform the first time.