Cheyenne Lacroix – A Gay Sports Enthusiast?

Cheyenne Lacroix, a French former porn star is now a known commentator on adult channels. She is also best known in the world of sport as the French porn moderator for the popular sport show Sportquiz. Now at times on air she has been compared to Jack Vettriano in the way she answers questions and her knowledge on the game. One thing you can say about Cheyenne Lacroix, is she is very well educated in the field of sex.

Cheyenne is very open about the various sexual positions that are used in the game of Sportquiz. She even shows people how to do them! She says she loves it when the other people watch the game and she gets excited while watching someone else’s moves. She loves to show others how to get off from hard sex, on top of that she also loves to talk about sex in the same breath.

This is not new information to anyone. Cheyenne is just telling the people what they already know but are too embarrassed to share with others. In fact this is so common in today’s society that you can hardly turn on the television without seeing a commercial for a supplement or something similar. It is all about image and public relations, well that and money. If people don’t watch the show they will not care about the sexual activities, but if they do they will be impressed by it.

I guess we should give Cheyenne some credit, she took a chance in coming out and talking about this subject and she got roasted for it. Some people were upset and called her names, but then more people came forward and defended her and supported her right to speak her mind. The majority seemed to be in agreement that she had every right to speak her mind. The only one that didn’t agree with her comments was David Hyde Pierce who stated that she shouldn’t have been on the show in the first place because he is gay himself.

These days women are allowed to talk about anything that they want to, men are left to sit back and take notice. Of course, many of them are also able to talk about the same topics that guys would be too shy to bring up with their girlfriends. Of course, if a woman wants a guy to commit then they need to let him know. The good news is that most guys will do the thinking and come to a decision on their own. Cheyenne was able to make herself seem likable enough to allow him to realize that he would be making a mistake by not taking advantage of this opportunity.

I’m not saying that sports endorsements are a bad thing, but if you are looking for an advantage in the game of love then this is one way to get it. It might not work for everybody, but you never know who will read it. If you are going to try and get a gay athlete to date then you should tell him that it isn’t a big deal and he should relax. For a lot of men who are not used to seeing women they might think that it is some kind of gimmick or they might even roll their eyes in annoyance. The truth is that there is nothing offensive about it so you can relax and enjoy the attention.