‚Brutal Grammate‘ Film Review

It wasn’t long ago when people like myself were talking about a new German porn star by the name of Brangelina. I first saw this German porn star on the World Wide Web a while back and can honestly say that her performance was among the best I’d ever seen in a German porno movie. Now then, a couple of days later Brangelina has put out her very own film that she is calling „Brutal“. I have to say that while the sex scenes are not particularly explicit (in fact some of the descriptions are a bit over the top) they are still well executed. I especially love the fact that Brangelina is completely uncensored.

Let me tell you something, I found“ Brutal“ to be much better than the original Gefickt’s „Fucking House“. While the story is almost exactly the same (Gefickt is a former SS officer that is played by Angelina Jolie), what makes the movie so much more thrilling is the acting. There are more characters and more complex, intense emotions depicted. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it’s all directed at men. So while there are still plenty of women getting a little bit bored with Brangelina, I think that at the end of the day the sex scenes are well worth watching.

The movie starts off with Brangelina’s friend Renee (Sandra Oh), who is pregnant, coming home late one evening. She is expecting her second child and is really excited. As it turns out, Renee is cheating on her husband. Before you can get too excited about the prospect of your wife being unfaithful to you, a crazed serial killer starts targeting young girls in the area. This turns out to be Renee’s lucky break since the killer has been targeting her for months now and has been very careful not to be caught.

Once the baby is born, Renee realizes that she has to keep her baby and go to the clinic to get an abortion. However, when she gets there, she sees that the baby has already been born and is in severe respiratory distress. Without any choice, Renee has herself injected with the drugs that are causing the fetus to abort. From there on in, Brangelina follows the life of the baby and its mother, as the movie explores the question, is it right or wrong to have an abortion?

From the first time I saw it, I wasn’t going to lose interest. I knew the director was talented but I wasn’t sure I saw that he had a gift for capturing the true human emotions and the graphic content. As the film progressed, it became clearer what the movie was going to be about and how brutal Gefickt really was. The closer the movie got to the end, the more I understood what was really happening. In the end, I appreciated that Gefickt took the time to let us see the horrible things people do to one another.

Ultimately, this movie isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you happen to have heart problems, that’s okay! Even I got hurt. But if you’re up for it and willing to put yourself under the impression of a true graphic novel, then I’m sure you’ll love this movie. I look forward to seeing more from Guillermo Del Toro.