Bruder Fickt Schwester – Review

An American expatriate in Germany, Barbara „Branty“ Fickt starts a correspondence with her boyfriend, Alex Tannen, who is half German. After several letters from Tannen, Branty gets a letter from him describing a trip to the Alps, in which they spend time with Hemingway and other famous writers. Thinking that the letters are from Bali, she assumes Tannen is taking her to Bude in Egypt. But when Branty arrives at the Villa de Campo in Italy where she lives, she realizes the letters are from Germany.

The next day, Branty visits the villa with her aunt, Emmelie, whom she had not seen since her childhood. Branty learns that her aunt, Emmelie, knows Tannen and gives her some help in getting Bude – apparently in the same region of Austria – to accept her offer of employment as a writer in a Berlin salon. Branty, meantime, continues to correspond with Tannen. When Briel’s aunt passes away in a car crash, Branty and Tannen conspire to steal the car and hide it in a lake.

While Branty and Tannen are missing, their German shepherd named Frasier overhears a conversation between her grandmother. In the conversation, Briel’s grandmother relates how she longs for Briel’s love but cannot stand her personality because of her Jewish origins. Tannen overhears this conversation and confronts Briel about her relationship with Tannen. Briel tries to convince her grandmother that her love is sincere but Frasier points out that Briel is only using her „cover up,“ to avoid dealing with her feelings.

After Briel and Tannen steal the car, they stumble upon the body of a dead German soldier. Frasier assumes that Briel is responsible for the death, but Briel tells Tannen that she didn’t kill the soldier. Frasier and Briel then pursue Tannen to New York, where he plans to kill her and take her money. However, before they can do so, they encounter Clark Griswold, who is impressed by Briel and decides to help her out. After learning that she only planned to use Clark as a sexual tension, Briel manages to get him to propose to her parents.

With the help of Clark Griswold, Briel and Tannen go back to Germany and Clark becomes an instant hit with Briel’s parents. In order to keep her job, Briel persuades her parents to hire a nanny so she and Clark can have some private time. Meanwhile, Tannen develops feelings for Clark, causing tension between the two. Clark falls in love with Tannen without her realizing it, which causes friction between them. When Briel gets sick and is forced to miss her plane back home, she promises Clark that she will marry him on her wedding day. But when Clark spots a display of a weapon in the movie, a worried Briel goes to the airport, where Clark and her father discover that she had run off with Tannen’s money.

The movie isn’t as exciting as it first seems, nor does it ever reach its climax. This is because the story is too small. The romance between Clark and Briel develops only briefly, and then the show abruptly ends. Most of the film is spent recapping events that have taken place throughout the previous episodes of the series. It’s a sad and disappointing end to a series that has become one of my favorite television shows.