How to Deal With Brother Fucker

My brother and sister-in-law have been fighting since Christmas. It is pretty funny when you get to the point where you are fighting over a brother and sister. We’ve tried everything imaginable from arguing to trying to make them both sick with sickness, but nothing works. I am here to tell you that you can stop your brother and sister’s argument once and for all when you learn the secret to German porn. Read on to find out how…

My brother and my sister-in-law have been arguing ever since Christmas time because my brother kept bringing home some German porn movies that he found while visiting Germany a few months ago. He told my sister that it was because he was disappointed with the German girls he had seen in porn movies. In actuality, he wanted to make his sex life more adventurous. He said that he was going to try different positions like doggy style and doggy styles. I was annoyed at my brother and thought I should do something about it.

My brother and my sister-in-law decided that if I went and fought with him, it would make us both feel better about fighting. So last Sunday, we went to the local Park to play some golf. This is when my brother decided to get aggressive and start throwing his little brother around the green.

When I saw this, I tried to talk my brother out of it, but he just flipped me the bird. I asked him what he was thinking, and he said that it wasn’t personal. He told me that it was uncles and an uncle’s friend that owns the German porn movies that I keep forgetting. I told him to leave my sister alone and went over to my brother to help him up.

We started fighting again, this time physically. My brother jumped on top of my sister, threw her around the park like she was a rag doll, and then proceeded to shove her in front of our friends. My brother told everyone that we were going to fight, and that if my sister didn’t leave our house that day, he would kill her. My sister called the police and my brother and his friends left in a small car. Luckily they got off Scott free.

I guess my point is that you have to be aware of who your friends are hanging out with. If you are going to let them know that you are worried about your little sister’s safety, and you are considering fighting her, then you might as well pick a fight with your brother. You see, your brother could not care less about your safety, so there is no reason for you to put your safety in his hands. Just because he likes to watch porn doesn’t mean he is an expert on it, so don’t believe everything he says. Besides, it would probably make him upset and defensive, which doesn’t help you at all.