Samantha Gets Caught In The Act

After seeing „Alte Titten“ and“ pornographicachi,“ I am sure you will agree that the term „Giada De Laurentiis“ does not bode well for either artistic ability or sense of self-image. That is quite unfortunate, because there are few directors in this world that have managed to capture the essence of true Italian cinema so well. This is a film you must see if you ever find yourself in Italy. Trust me.

The film itself centers on a series of events that occur in several scenes. There is a sequence where two criminals are speaking on their cell phones as the camera follows them from a cafe to a fancy hotel. They get separated long enough for an armed robber to shoot one of them, and the movie drifts away with no sign of the killer.

Another scene takes place in a small village nestled between two mountains. Two men are walking down the main street talking about something. Suddenly, the dialogue switches to Italian. One of the men exclaims, „Alte Titten! La vinta alte butt!“

As soon as I heard those words I instinctively knew what was about to happen. This is a reference to an Italian classic porno. The women in this movie are referred to as „Pornographic Vixens.“ There is a brief scene of them dancing to some music while an older man is following them.

Then we cut to shots of them on the beach. I was expecting to see someone getting strangled by the sea monster that is stalking them, but instead we see the older man pulls a knife on the unsuspecting girl. The woman tries to kick the man in the groin and run off into the night. The man then proceeds to rape her and force her to perform oral sex on him.

Alte Titten makes a point of making the viewer feel as if he or she is a part of these girls‘ lives. If you don’t know anything about her, you will learn very little about how she views life. She tells her story with humor, empathy, and even a touch of tragedy. If you have ever seen a porno before, chances are you will identify with most of the scenes. If you haven’t, then you will be surprised and delighted by what you see in „Samantha’s Secrets.“

The acting is strong throughout the film, but it isn’t really what sells it. The music and dancing are the stars of the film. Everyone that sees the film either loves it or hates it. It’s the best female porno movie that you will ever see.

Not only is Alte Titten a great performer, but she has brought back the sexy women in our society who were pushed aside for decades. Her performance in this film will leave you craving another viewing. The entire cast is great, and the production values are top notch. This is a movie you should add to your list of favorites this Christmas. It will keep you coming back for more…