Alt Fickt Gut – A German Porn Fantasy

Alt Fickt Gut is a German porn directed by Florian Zmiglar. It’s about aging and sexiness. It’s about how aging gracefully turns your woman on.

Alt Fickt Gut takes place in the colorful and vivid imaginations of an elderly Jewish girl, who forges ahead in life, despite her failing eyesight. The film starts in the late sixties, when she’s already a gourmet chef and writer. She’s also a translator and tries to save money at the supermarket. But fate has other plans, and before you can begin the plot, you see that her best friend (a British national) has disappeared, and Alt Fickt Gut is called to the scene, with a mysterious letter from his wife.

Fickt decides to solve the mystery and the adventure follows. She finds out that her neighbor (from Germany) has been stealing from the grocery store and is on the verge of getting caught. Her only hope lies in reliving some of her memories, and in doing so, learns about a secret society whose aim is to help women forget their past.

The story involves many flashbacks and scenes of old lovers, but in the end it doesn’t seem to be enough to make Alt Fickt Gut a definite must-see movie. I don’t know if I liked it or not. Well, I guess I have to admit that after the first few minutes, I was no longer interested. The acting is decent enough, but I found myself looking forward to the next episode, which usually takes place in a different town. Anyway, this isn’t really a movie that I would recommend for adults, but it’s a good one for kids, as the parents‘ room is definitely in the house.

Alt Fickt Gut starts out as a traditional German porn movie, with its heroine trying to run away from home, get into an apartment and forget everything about the affair. In the meantime, she’s meeting more people from the German town where she lived. Things go well until the boyfriend of one of her neighbors begins to pester her, demanding that she return home immediately. Soon, she realizes that there’s a problem in the family – her half-brother has started liking girls!

Alt Fickt Gut also includes some interesting psychological elements, mostly centered around how memories are kept and what effect they can have on the subconscious mind. The whole premise seems to suggest that people start to choose their own memories when they want to create a new reality, and Fickt-Guttenberg seems to be interested in exploring that idea. The only thing that really detracts from the movie is the slow pace and rather dull acting.